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Tirth Yatra Yojna Chhattisgarh 2017-18

Chhattisgarh State Government will be made beneficiary of Divya students under the Tirth Yatra Yojna Chhattisgarh 2017-18 in Bilaspur. Under Tirth Yatra Yojna Chhattisgarh 2017-18, students from  class 9th to 12th are eligible . To take advantage of this scheme, you have to apply online through offical website. The journey under this Divya Shrine Yatra Yatra will start from December 2017.

Under the Tirth Yatra Yojna Chhattisgarh 2017-18, pilgrims are directed to make better arrangements. It was informed in the meeting that under the Chief Minister’s pilgrimage scheme, a team of 1,000 pilgrims from Kangera and Konkan, Narayanpur district will visit Prayag-Kashi and Vishwanath temple pilgrimage sites.

Pilgrimage has also been started for the year 2014-15, for the people of Divya jangan under the India Bharat Bharat program. So far five thousand pilgrimages have been arranged for 4 thousand 593 divisions. For the pilgrims, the health team, the security force, the crew of music artists will also be entertained for the passengers. Arrangements for their lodging and bus arrangements for the passengers as well as arrangements for buses and buses will be provided by IRCTC. 

इस दिव्यांग तीर्थ यात्रा योजना के तहत 06 दिसम्बर से 10 दिसम्बर तक आयोजित की गयी है। इस दल में कांकेर जिले से 532ए कोंडागांव जिले से 379 और नारायणपुर जिले से 89 तीर्थ यात्री शामिल हैं। इस योजना के तहत 06 दिसम्बर को रायपुर स्टेशन से दोपहर 01 बजे यात्री ट्रेन को हरी झण्डी देकर रवाना किया जाएगा।

Under this Divya Teerth Yatra Yojana, organized from 06 December to 10 December. This group consists of 532 A from Kanker district, 379 from Kondagaon district and 89 pilgrims from Narayanpur district. Under this scheme, the passenger train will be flagged off by a green flag at 06.00 hrs from Raipur station at 01 a.m. on December 06.

Eligibility of Tirth Yatra Yojna Chhattisgarh 2017-18 :

  • Be the native of Chhattisgarh.
  • 60 years of age or older.
  • There is no travel in the past under this scheme.
  • Be physically and mentally competent for travel and not infected with any infectious disease etc.:

Eligibility for Handicapped Tirth Yatra Yojna Chhattisgarh 2017-18:

  • The plan will have all the disabled people who are not income tax payers.
  • There will be letters for hearing impaired, mute-deaf, visually impaired and bone-infested disabled people pilgrimage. The number of disabled people going to pilgrimage will be more than 18 years.
  • If the name of any of the disabled / disabled disabled husband / wife is chosen, then his spouse will also be able to travel.
  • The applicant should apply for the applicant’s application only when applying for the application.
  • It will be mandatory for a helper to accompany each disabled pilgrim pilgrim to pilgrimage.
  • Auxiliary, disabled should be the closest or the person’s choice.

List of pilgrimages for special pilgrimage programs for the disabled / disabled people:

  • Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Mahakaleshwar Purna,
  • Bhubaneswar, Konark Mathura Janmabhoomi,
  • Vrindavan Prayag, Kashi, Vishwanath Hanuman Temple Shirdi,
  • Saturn-Signapur, Trimbakeshwar Haridwar,
  • Rishikesh, Bharat Mata Temple Dwarka, Somnath, Nageshwar

How to Apply Online Tirth Yatra Yojna Chhattisgarh 2017-18:

  • For online application you will have to go to the official website, which is given below to you.
  • Then you will find a page like the picture given below, after looking at the instructions given on it, click on the number 1, 2, 3, etc., to proceed and fill the form with the right amount.

Contact for application in Chief Minister’s pilgrimage scheme:

Shri M.L. for pilgrims Khaparda, Incharge Social Education Organizer, District Panchayat, Narharpur, District Kanker and Santosh Kaushik in-charge, Social Education Sanghad, Janpad Panchayat Kanker, District Kanker have been appointed as escorts. Under this scheme, you can contact the mobile number-9425516187.

Tirth Yatra Yojna Chhattisgarh 2017-18 Details

छत्तीसगढ़ मुख्यमंत्री तीर्थ यात्रा योजना

Scheme Launch Date- 2014

Launched By- CM Raman Singh

Registration Starting From- 2014

For Online Registration. Click Here

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