Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana Maharashtra: Pay Bill Online

Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana Maharashtra : State Electricity Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has announced ‘Chief Minister Krishi Sanjivani Yojana 2017‘ for the farmers of the electricity bill holders. Under Free electricity for farmers scheme, you farmers have to deposit only the basic amount in five equal installments except the amount of penalty and interest.

According to Bavanule, in the five equal installments for payment to the defaulters less than 30 thousand rupees and the outstanding farmers of more than 30 thousand will have to deposit the money in 10 equal installments. To join Free electricity for farmers scheme, the existing bill will be filled up by November 17, and the first installment of 20 percent of the original arrears will be deposited.

After this, from March 2018 to December 2018, every three months will be required to deposit the entire outstanding amount with 20% of the amount with the MSEDCL. Those farmers who do not take part in Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana Maharashtra, their electricity connection will be cut-off.

There are about 41 lakh agricultural consumers in Maharashtra, whose connection load is 2 million 12 lakh horsepower. On this, 25.41 lakh customers will be given electricity by meter and 15.41 lakh farmers will be given electricity connections. About Rs 1.16 lakhs is spent on agriculture for each connection. Connection is provided by Mahavitaran with a security of Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 7000.

1.16 lakhs spent for the connection are provided by the government as a grant or by basic funding by Mahavitaran. The Electricity Regulatory Commission had fixed the rates for the fiscal year 2016-17 for a cost of Rs 6.50 per unit. For farmers, this rate was fixed at Rs 3.40 per unit.

The remaining 3.10 per unit subsidy is obtained from industrial, commercial and other customers. Apart from this, for the agricultural customers, a 1.60 rupees rebate is given through the government and only Rs 1.80 per unit electricity bill is taken from the farm customers.

Benefits of Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana Maharashtra:

  1. All the farmers, who have their due bills below Rs 30,000, can pay their pending bills in five installments from December 2017 to December 2018.
  2. All the farmers who have to pay their due above Rs 30,000, can pay their pending bills in an interval of 45 days in 10 installments.
  3. The department will organize special camps for the farmers to clear their dues.
  4. These dues will be paid in installments i.e
  5. first installment in December 2017, second installment in March 2018, third installment in June 2018, fourth installment in September 2018 and last installment in December 2018.
  6. Those consumers whose electricity bill dues are over Rs 30,000 will get an option to clear the same in 10 installments with a time span of 45 days between each installment.

Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana Maharashtra 2017

कृषि संजीवनी योजना महाराष्ट्र

Launched By- Shree Devendra Fadnavis

Scheme Launch Date- Nov 2017

Scheme Starting From- Dec 2017

Scheme Ending on- Dec 2018

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