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Free Smartphone for Anganwadi Rajasthan: The Rajasthan government will provide 21000 Anganwadi workers free smartphone in the state. Under this scheme, there will be a smartphone for Anganwadi workers in nine districts. The objective of this scheme is to connect the rural areas with the smartphone. The government is thinking of making all the Agnwadi centers digital. The government will monitor the rural area’s Anganwadi centers by connecting them with smartphones.

Under the free smartphone program Rajasthan , about 21,446 Anganwadi workers will get smartphones. Through these smartphones, Anganwadi workers will upload data on daily mobile-based ICDS-CAS app. The smartphone will be delivered in 2 steps.

Rajasthan Government has instructed all the districts of the state to mark the best Anganwadi centers on the basis of efficiency and develop them as ideal Anganwadi centers. Government will see the ranking of these Anganwadi centers. Anganwadi workers who do good works will be rewarded. The Rajasthan government ordered that the Anganwadi centers in the state are being constructed.

On the lines of ‘Triple-A’ program being run successfully in Baran and Jhalawar districts for maternal and child welfare, the government stressed on co-ordination in the activities of Anganwadi workers, Asha Associates and ANM. Raje also reviewed the budget related budget and other announcements. The state government is giving various facilities to the children of Agnbari in the state. Government gives nutrition food to children in Agnbari.

Detail of Free Smartphone for Anganwadi Rajasthan:

  • The government will distribute the smartphone in nine districts.
  • 21,430 ICAC Anganwadi Centers will be covered in 106 blocks.
  • Training will be provided to use apps and smartphones.
  • Information and updates can be seen in real time.

Benefit of Free Smartphone for Anganwadi Rajasthan:

  • This scheme will automatically update the firearms workers.
  • Agnbadi worker will teach new ways to read through his smart phone.
  • From this year honorarium of Anganwadi workers of Kolayat block will be deposited in their account directly through ‘Raj Nutrition’ software.
  • The government instructed that they should verify the list of self-help groups, names, addresses and telephone numbers engaged in nutrition distribution.
  • Identifying low-weight children and instructing them to give timely remedies so that they can stay healthy.

ICDS- CAS App Install in Smartphone Rajasthan:

  • After the smartphone will be given to an Anganwadi worker, then after that install the ICDS-CAS on that smartphone will be trained in that app. Training of this will be given to Anganwadi workers in the block. When the training is complete, the worker will upload the data every day.
  • This information will be filled by the firewadi workers.
  1. Number of children in the Anganwadi center.
  2. Children’s weight.
  3. Number of children with malnutrition.
  4. Children’s growth
  5. Take a description of the lunch at home.
  6. Pre-school education status
  7. Availability of drinking water facilities and toilets.
  8. Immunization and vaccination of children against diseases.

Now Anganwadi workers need to not write their data in the diary, it has to be maintained manually which affects the work process. Using the ICDS-CAS system on smartphones will help maintain digital records and make the system faster and easier. The government has already distributed 10,000 smartphones in the state.

The government will soon provide basic facilities at Anganwadi centers of the state. The Government has given instructions that all Anganwadi workers should be paid timely. During the meeting, it was informed that 4 thousand 95 posts of honorarium service personnel have been sanctioned in Anganwadi centers in the district and out of which 290 posts are vacant. Notice of recruitment recruitment has been issued.

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