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  1. Manibhushan kumar

    Hello honorable prime minister,

    I am a 16 yrs old boy from bihar chasing his dream of being a cricketer in this unknown place living with my maternal uncle at his residence. I always heard that fix a goal in your life to become successful but I don’t think its right because I have a lot of dreams or if I could say a multi-talented. But in class 9 I am totally affected towards cricketer and wanted to be a cricketer as Dhoni my role model. I am so much become passionate about this that I want to play cricket in each and every moment of my life. But my family doesn’t supports me and I won’t regret my parents and got 10 cgpa as I was on of the brilliant student of my school. But now it’s difficult for me to take dual responsilities of cricket and study in class 11. I just want my name to be enrolled in any good cricket academy so that I would be able to achieve my dream. If you could do anything for me, that’s enough.but for this a huge amount of money is needed, as my maternal uncle provided my studies so can’t able to give me financial support in terms of cricket.
    i think this scheme helps me a lot as i could be able to enroll my name in any cricket academy and pursue my dream without becoming a burden on my family.

    Name- manibhushan kumar
    Class-11 , section- A
    School- Asn Sr. Senior Secondary School, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, New Delhi, 110091
    Adress- Ramakrishna vihar apartments, patparganj, i.p extension, new delhi-110092
    Phone no.-9931750842


    I love india government
    Jai hind sir
    मैं सभी भाई बहनों और माताओं को परनाम करता हूँ
    मैं एक खेल से जुड़ा हुआ हूँ और अपने देश को इस खेल द्वारा ही आगे ले जाने का दमखम रखता हूँ अगर सरकार द्वारा मुझे थोडी सहायता मिल जाये तो मैं जल्दी से अपने लक्ष्य और अपने भारत देश को जल्दी से मैडल दिला सकता हूँ
    जय हिन्द !

  3. karuna kar samal

    dear sir,
    i am karuna kar samal from orissa , dist:- bhadrak , block :- bhandari pokhari. sir as per house toilet yojna i have complete my toilet and it officially verified by the officer 3 times . but still now i have not received any money from government . and also in my village many people are still waiting and our block devlopment officer and our sarpanch demand to give them 500 per toilet then they clear our bill please do something.


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